Trauma-Sensitive Meditation

Trauma-Sensitive Meditation draws from my knowledge and experience working with trauma as well as my many years of practice and exploration of the various kinds of meditation including Transcendental Meditation when I was in college to Buddhist practices as varied as Zen Meditation and Vipasanna, to the popular Mindfulness-based  practices. T-S Meditation takes into account the vulnerability to retraumatization meditators have who have not yet integrated their trauma and stress responses. When T-S Meditation is added to the menu of healing, more tools become available for self care and growth.  

The main distinction from most other forms of meditation is a more sensitive and nuanced focus on the body - both on somatic sensations and the breath. This allows the process to be safer and gently regulating for the nervous system - a system that has become dysregulatd by trauma responses and ongoing stress.  As a result of this gentle exploration, stored stress and trauma reactions - both physical and emotional - can be released and integrated safely, especially when working with a somatically-informed trauma therapist. 

Trauma-Sensitive Meditation can be guided - or once learned - practiced on your own.