Marian Morgan


From Striving to Thriving

If you’re feeling anxious, stuck, or overwhelmed by life it’s time to put those days behind you. I know what you probably want is serenity, joy, peace of mind, maybe a healthier relationship. The question is “how?" Start with finding a therapist you feel comfortable with, who listens and understands you, who supports your growth, honors your strengths and has proven strategies that work. If trauma of any kind is in your history or happened more recently, helping my clients resolve and heal trauma and chronic stress reactions without becoming retraumatized is my specialty.  

Good psychotherapy works. It can help calm emotions and stress, and reduce feelings of overwhelm and over-thinking things. You want to know you can start feeling better soon after getting started - and in my experience, you can. Taking that first step towards getting help almost guarantees you will start feeling better soon.  

I can help you resolve anxiety, trauma, addiction with an integrated approach rooted in somatic psychotherapy - a body-mindfulness psychotherapy. Safe. Relaxed. Effective. We talk, you experience, you heal. 

After receiving my MSW from New York University in 1994, I attended a two year training program on psychodynamic psychotherapy at the esteemed American Institute of Psychoanaylysis in New York. Much of my professional career was centered on providing counseling to employees of corporations and nonprofits, and was onsite at many organizations providing counseling and CISDs (Critical Incident Stress Debriefings) following 9/11 and soon after the anthrax scare in New York. Some years later, I launched the onsite Employee Assistance Program at American Express in Fort Lauderdale. Then, while living overseas in Israel from 2015-2018, the treatment protocol called Somatic Experiencing® "found" me, and I entered the three year training program though the Somatic Experiencing Training Institute (SETI) headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and taught globally. 

Somatic Experiencing changed everything about the way I work - and how I see life. Central to my clinical work these days, I don't see how therapy that doesn't include some awareness of how trauma and stress physiology affects every part of our lives can be successful. I love teaching other clinicians what I've learned and bringing it to groups. I see the results. I personally know the results. I trust that you, too, can have a similar experience. 

As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) my practice gently, compassionately, safely and effectively treats trauma, stored stress reactions, fight/flight/freeze patterns, self-defeating behaviors - restoring a sense of joy, freedom, ease, balance, happiness. Touchskills work is optional. If you are ready to start feeling better now contact me today for a free consult or to schedule an appointment. There is hope.

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