SE™ for Executives


It's Different!

What distinguishes SE™ for Executives from other "coaching" modalities is we work with the whole body in a coaching session. Personal patterns that inhibit our ability to achieve our professional and workplace goals, or pursue new opportunities for leadership and creativity, can be influenced by fears, procrastination, power struggles, anxiety, feeling stuck, lack of assertiveness, to name a few. These often lifelong patterns can defy an approach that relies solely on insight and behavioral changes.  Working with the inner life of the body is the critical missing piece. 

Having coached many men and women to achieve their goals since completing a 2-year coaching training program in 2002 at Coach U, I discovered there were those among us who also made significant progress - but almost in spite of themselves as they remained plagued by inner conflicts. Their drive to succeed propelled them to exert enormous energy in their attempt to overcome these personal challenges but they still remained under the influence of stuck patterns. With Somatic Executive Coaching, you will become free of these patterns and access your “clean” energy, releasing it from where it is stored in the body, giving you greater access to your natural strengths and resources.   

This approach integrates emotional intelligence to increase awareness with the organic intelligence residing in the body that when tapped into becomes an invaluable wellspring for making decisions, more effective leadership, taking on new ventures, and ultimately your freedom and happiness.   

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