Marian Morgan

Triumph Over Trauma


After working on my own issues I discovered the seemingly enduring impact of my childhood and sometimes adult dramas was in my body - not my mind. Talk therapy was not enough. Yes it helps to be understood and validated but it didn’t treat the underlying problems. Attention paid to my body’s autonomic nervous system did. Already an experienced psychotherapist when I discovered Somatic Experiencing®, it was in this personal and professional discovery I found the missing piece in our natural impulse towards wellness, healing and fulfillment. Through this process my own story became one of triumph over trauma.

My practice integrates somatic practices, a body-mindfulness process that gently and effectively treats trauma, stored stress reactions, fight/flight/freeze patterns, and habitual self-defeating behaviors that affects one’s personal life, relationships workplace/career, contributing to anxiety, depression, challenging personality patterns, addictions and so on.  Disorders of attachment contributing to cPTSD and developmental trauma are often important dynamics in the treatment that get sorted out and healed. 

A somatic psychotherapy treatment does not necessarily mean a “touch” approach; that will depend both on the practitioner’s training and client’s preferences. I am happy to describe Somatic Experiencing® when we speak so together we can decide if this path is right for you. My office is described as soothing and relaxing. Services with individuals and groups are provided in my office, on Skype, and at one's place of business.

To learn about my services for Workplace Stress and Trauma in my role as an Employee Assistance Professional (EAP) and retired Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP), and my practices targeted to executives please visit those pages by clicking on the appropriate links above.

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